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commercial photographer

Iona Shepherd has 20 years of experience working within the photography industry throughout Scotland. She specialises in the museum, heritage, architectural and construction sector but will consider a range of briefs, with industry experience including photography team management, exhibition documentation, photography of fine art, car photography, QTVR and timelapse production, video work, film stills photography, music and events coverage, and portraiture.


Burrell Collection / Public Catalogue Foundation / Paisley Museums Reimagined / Art UK / The Climbing Academy / Studio MB / Riverside Museum / National Gallery of Scotland / Alamy Picture Library / Hunterian Museum / Kelvin Hall Project / Next Bike / University of Glasgow / Glasgow Museums / Low Parks Museum / Sustrans / Broken Spectre Films / The Collins Gallery / Malaven Media / CoSTAR UK/ The Studio Venue / McLean Museum / MOMAT / Paxton House 

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